Travel Today host Peter Greenberg broadcasts his listener-interactive, fast-paced radio show from locations around the world each week as he offers travel secrets and tips, straightforward advice, recommendations and the inside scoop, all in a relaxed and inviting manner. Traveling over 400,000 miles every year and considered America's preeminent expert on travel, Peter is widely recognized from his work as the on-air Travel Editor for NBC’s Today Show, as contributing editor for Men’s Health Magazine, as best-selling author of his book series, "The Travel Detective," through his subscription based on line travel newsletter, as well as his regular appearances on MSNBC, CNBC, Oprah and The View.

Peter’s nationally syndicated radio show, Travel Today, is broadcast live every Saturday from 10-12AM Eastern Standard Time. Los Angeles listeners can hear Travel Today on Saturday afternoons from 4-6 PM on KTLK AM 1150.

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