The Travel Detective:

How to Get the Best Service and the Best Deals from Airlines, Hotels, Cruise Ships, and Car Rental Agencies

Peter Greenberg's New York Times best-selling book, The Travel Detective, is back. Updated and revised, with new chapters on safety, security, terrorism as well as a new look at airfares, the internet and passenger rights, The Travel Detective gives you insider tips on how to get the best service and deals from airlines, hotels, cruise ships and car rental agencies.

In his characteristic friendly and conversational tone, Greenberg reveals:
  • How to find the secret walk-up fares that can save air travelers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on last minutes flights.
  • Which coach seats on which planes are better than first class.
  • The secret rule to know to avoid being bumped from a flight, which cruise ship brochures lie.
  • Which credit card companies are fastest — and slowest — to come to your aid in a foreign land, or worse, in the U.S.
  • Which hotels have the best — and the worst — fire and crime safety records, and how you can protect yourself.
  • How to negotiate the best hotel room deal.
  • Which hotels have the worst water pressure in their showers (and better yet, how you can get great water pressure, even at those hotels).
  • And much, much more. Accessible and entertaining, The Travel Detective gives you the information and tools you need to make every trip an affordable pleasure.

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Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective:

Insider Tips on Getting the Best Value, Service, and Security in Accommodations from Bed-and-Breakfasts to Five-Star Resorts

Indispensable information for away-from-home lodging, from the author of the New York Times bestseller The Travel Detective.

In Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective, America's best-known and most trusted travel authority reveals the insider knowledge that can make every hotel stay as comfortable as (and sometimes even more cost-efficient than) home. With his incomparable access and nose for news, Peter Greenberg shares the secrets that people who know hotels—managers, maids, reservation clerks, bellhops, chefs, and maintenance guys—don't want you to know about value, service, safety, security, and cleanliness. Tips include:

  • How to tell if your room is really clean
  • What never to order from room service
  • The real way to prevent hotel crime
  • How to beat excessive hotel phone charges
  • The exact rooms where headline-making events took place

Drawn from the author’s experiences as both an investigative reporter and a constant traveler, Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective is an essential guide to everything from luxury resorts to motels, from airport hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to outrageous (and often secret) alternatives to hotels.

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The Travel Detective Flight Crew Confidential:

People Who Fly for a Living Reveal Insider Secrets and Hidden Values in Cities and Airports Around the World

The author of the New York Times bestseller The Travel Detective brings you insider travel secrets only pilots and flight attendants know.

Pilots are notoriously frugal, and flight attendants are underpaid and on a budget. They may hit one city four to six times a month, but they are there for only twenty-four hours (or even less) each time, so they always know where to go to get the best value for their money. In The Travel Detective Flight Crew Confidential you will find:

  • Great shopping (furniture in Atlanta, silk in Bangkok, leather in São Paolo).
  • Great services (medical care in Paris and inexpensive manicures in Tokyo).
  • Great food and drink (hidden ethnic restaurants in London, and the bars with the best attitude and cheapest drinks in Key West).
  • Secrets to navigating the world's airports during layovers.
  • What to do and what never to do, what to seek and what to avoid.

You get tips in crew members' own words—good, bad, or ugly—that you won't find anywhere else. Opinionated, often controversial, but always helpful, The Travel Detective Flight Crew Confidential is a resource no one who flies can afford to be without.

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Real U Guide to Traveling on Your Own

If you've never flown alone, navigated your way through a European train station, or figured out what to pack for 2 weeks in Mexico…if you have no idea how to get from O'Hare airport to downtown Chicago, or what to do if your wallet is stolen when you're 600 miles from home…don't panic. Just stick this guide in your backpack and hit the road!

With more than a million miles under his belt as a travel pro, Peter Greenberg has all the tricks and travel secrets to help first-time travelers get where they're going safely and with a maximum amount of fun/style/adventure/cool. Tips include:

  • Special air and train ticket deals for students
  • What to pack for 1 week, 2 weeks, and 4-8 weeks
  • How to decode train stations in any language
  • How to get around in most major U.S. cities
  • Cost comparison of air, bus, car, and train travel
  • All about youth hostels and other cheap sleeps
  • How to cope if a friend abandons you in the middle of a trip

Whether you're making your first trips to visit out-of-state colleges, hitting the road for Spring Break, or just visiting relatives, the Real U Guide to Traveling on Your Own is your ticket to an excellent adventure.

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